My name is Teacher Ansie,

I was one of those kids that didn’t know what I wanted to do after matric.  I didn’t know what my calling in life was or what my passion was.  I was a little bit of a lost soul.  I was raised up in Polokwane in the Limpopo province and finished school there.  One day my dad came to me and told me that I could get the opportunity to go China.  This is where it all started.  My journey to a different country.  First time being on a plane, first time going overseas.  I was 23 years old and very scared, but I decided to go.  I am going to be a Teacher in China.

I have been to lots of places, I have met interesting people, but most importantly, I found my passion in life.  Teaching children was so rewarding to me.   They learnt a lot from me and I learnt a lot from them.  Every Friday I had to take a taxi, then a bus, then another bus to get to this school in the rural area.  These kids had nothing, but they were hungry to learn. Their little faces just brightened up when they saw me and so did mine. 

Back in South Africa, I am now a Teacher at Toddies Preschool and Crèche.  This is not just a job I go to every morning, I get to do what I am passionate about.  It’s also not just about teaching children, it’s about getting to know them and love them like their your own.  Yes, I must deal with snotty noses and the occasional strange smell in class, but it makes it all worth it when I get to school and am welcomed with hugs and smiles. I am also a very proud mother of a, eleven-month-old son, Jake.  I get to experience every step of he’s life.  He’s first smile, he’s first step, he’s first emotion.  Teething, sleepless nights and being tired.  It’s all worth it in the morning when he looks at me and gives me that big smile. 

A child’s laughter is priceless, a child’s honestly is priceless, and child’s curiosity is priceless.  You can have a bad day and come home, looking at your child’s smile is all you need to lift your spirt up again and say, it’s all worth it.

I am not just a teacher at Toddies, we are a family.  All the Teachers truly care about each other and we have compassion for each other.  We laugh together, we cry together, we pray together.  We all have the same passion in life that connects us.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos” L.R Knost.